Nice Trophies

As I watched the Green Bay Packers’ post game press conference following their NFC Championship win over the Chicago Bears yesterday, I wondered why I didn’t see the George S. Halas Trophy. I soon realized that I was staring right at it; the new version of it, that is.

I must say, if ever there was a piece of sh** trophy, this is it. I don’t care if Tiffany made it (they should be embarrassed), if it took 1000 hours to produce, or costs $10,000; I consider myself violated for ever having to look upon it.  I’ve seen fecal art that I deem more appealing.

Three hours later, the Pittsburgh Steelers received the Lamar Hunt Trophy for winning the AFC. It wasn’t the traditional Lamar Hunt Trophy we’ve seen through the years, it was the new piece of sh**’s twin brother.

Here are photos of both the old, and the new:

When the old trophies were raised you could tell they were solid, and had weight to them. I watched presenter Terry Bradshaw wave this thing around as if it were made out of recycled beer cans.

Here are some reasons the innovators at the NFL had for the change:

“We felt there was room to improve how we represent this time period to our fans.” – a time period where respect of the history and tradition of the game obviously don’t mean anything. 

”Because the Vince Lombardi Trophy is all sterling silver and it shines when it’s on the field, it gets hoisted up a certain way and we felt those same materials, that same football aspect of it should be captured in the redesign.”

Because it shines? If you pee on a wall, it will shine too.

Here is what I expect the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy to read following this year’s game:

Super Bowl XLV

Steelers 27

Packers 24

Halftime Show by the Black Eyed Peas

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1 Response to Nice Trophies

  1. Red Man says:

    Thanks for the redecorating advice! I was trying to figure out a way to bring some shine to my rather drab kitchen, and pissing on the walls did just the trick!! Since I began pissing on my kitchen walls I have received numerous compliments and even a request to redecorate a friend’s living room.

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